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Dappr HUB 
Portable and on the go.

Let Dappr HUB Make It Simple!
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key features


Dashboard Overview

See all of your account analytics and metrics from the home page of the app. Also view your complete calendar.

  • See Pipeline Values
  • Review Management
  • See Upcoming Appointments



View AND respond to conversations inside of the app. Search all of your contacts within the app.

  • Call, Text, Email, and More In App
  • Search Contacts and View Contact Information
  • Request Payment for Clients

Pipeline and Stages

View your pipelines and stages within the app. See your customer's journey all within the app.


  • Switch Between Pipelines
  • View Pipeline Analytics
  • Move Opportunities Between Stages

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Top Grade Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems
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