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About Us







Our Mission

To provide affordable software and business services to companies by being the one-stop solution.

Our Vision

Help businesses operate efficiently.

Meet The Team


Justin Daley

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I love business and the gym. When I'm not in the gym, I'm stacking bodies and jumping out of planes for Uncle Sam.

All right, I was kidding. That was a previous life...sort of. I do continue to serve our Nation in the Utah National Guard. I am a father and an entrepreneur. How do I manage six kids and my businesses? Well, I am still working on that one! 

Not sure what Dappr is yet? Reach out so we can help!


Jeremiah Jones

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Being part of the Dappr team is the best! As a Veteran Preferred Employer, Dappr continues to strive as a beacon to those who have served our country. Over 50% of the employees are Veterans that provide additional service to business small and large. 

As a Dappr leader, I look forward to instilling servant leadership and a "lead from the front" mentality. When work ends, I am spending time with my family. 


Jake Jones

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Dappr is the future. Really, it is. I have seen first hand how Dappr has scaled businesses utilizing it's software and services. We have shattered all goals within months of setting them and we are amazed by the growth! 

Dappr has given my wife and baby on the way a long term career. I look forward to seeing what we are able to achieve. Whether you want to use the products/services or partner with Dappr, the opportunities are here, just give us a call!

About Us

Dappr was established in Southern Utah by Army Veterans looking to solve problems in their independent businesses. Software subscriptions had continuously increased overhead and those numbers continued to rise. Paying per user, per month across 5+ subscriptions made it costly and difficult to manage. In order to remedy the issues, building the tools internally was the best solution. That's when DapprHUB came into the picture. DapprHUB took over 10 software and puts it in one easy to use platform. Excited by the success of the internal applications, these Veterans decided to offer it to the public as a business. After many months of helping business streamline their operations and reducing their overheads, there was an idea of helping businesses solve additional problems. Businesses needed help with Marketing, Additional Software, Hiring, and more. Collectively over time, Dappr found ways to improve its product offerings by listening to the needs of its current subscriber base. New Software and Services will be added to Dappr as the need continues to rise.

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